The styles and advantages of silicone bracelets

Silicone hand ring using 100% pure natural solid silicone rubber by hydraulic press; wrist strap itself has a certain degree of tension and softness, so easy to deformation and immediately restore; We used silicone rubber raw materials are qualified by SGS, in line with European environmental standards; wrist strap can be done in accordance with the requirements of customers any color, can do monochrome, Two-color, three-color, and other color mixing, wrist strap can be selected according to customer requirements, gravure printing, or screen printing text or patterns, because of the common characteristics of silicone rubber products, so, silicone bracelet with wear-resistant, high temperature, no deformation, non-toxic, tasteless, no side effects on the human body characteristics and soft, not cracking, long service life, Do not stimulate the skin and other advantages, can wear for a long time, because of its deformation can be restored immediately after the characteristics, so in the packaging, can take a variety of different packaging methods to achieve the desired effect. Silicone bracelet is a real green ornament.Features: With a variety of fluorescent, luminous, a variety of color silicone bracelet, soft and not deformed, non-toxic, wear-resistant damage does not crack, high temperature, long service life, do not stimulate skin, fashion and other characteristics.In addition to decorative role, but also can play a medical, health care, mosquito repellent effect.Use: For a variety of entertainment, can be used as gifts, souvenirs, promotional items. is a kind of fiery fashion jewelry, but also a low-cost, advertising-efficient advertising promotional gifts. Most of the sports hand belts have no practical use, just a fashion accessory.The message conveyed by the English words or words on the hand is usually a reflection of the wearer’s beliefs and values. Style classification Concave Engraved: The logo text on the bracelet is concave, convex engraved: The logo text on the bracelet is convex, monochrome: The whole bracelet is a color in addition to the logo, process color: The whole bracelet for a number of colors, for two or more than two colors together made of bracelets. Printing: The logo on the top of the bracelet is printed on the bracelet through the screen printing ink. Luminous: Usually refers to in the dark under the high temperature glow of the bracelet, which also contains a fluorescent bracelet, fluorescent bracelet refers to by absorbing the external high-energy light radiation, in the dark release of Low-energy light.Transparent: No color added, and is as transparent as the glass bracelet.Color separations: The colors on the bracelet are a paragraph, and the process color is different, several colors are not mixed together. Concave fill Color: On the basis of concave hand logo, plus other colors. The colors of logos and bracelets are two different colors. Convex fill color: On the basis of engraved logo, plus other colors, that is, logo and bracelet color is two different colors. Double ring: As the name suggests, refers to two bracelets are linked together, the serial type. Belt buckle: Refers to the bracelet is at both ends with a buckle.Wavy: The edge of the bracelet is wavy.Flag: The entire bracelet is printed with the national flag.