The manufacturing process of silicone bracelets

Silicone bracelet is Europe and the United States and other countries is now the most popular fashion accessories, compares halfback popular a kind of color silicone accessories, which don’t take it as a big star ornament, let you cruel flavour is dye-in-the-wood.Production process for the silicone bracelet, estimated that not many people know that product is still under the silicone on silicone bracelets for everybody in the whole production process.

The design of the drawings
Sketches of design are generally according to the customer provide the sample size of draft for production of drawing, generally use graphic drawing software, such as CDR or AI software, such as customer can not provide sample, we can according to customer’s request, cooperate with clients for free draft completion of design and production.
Open mould
Open mold is a mold master opened according to the draft design of offset, and then use offset engraved copper, carved with copper industry finally die.Some bracelets technology of die making technology content is higher, and relatively longer time;Generally calculated on five days open mold.Mould, the production quickly.
Color mixing
According to the customer designated in the international pantone color number color mixing, we toning than alignment, color difference.
The approved material
Materials are needed for each bracelet via electronic weighing, general bracelet weighs about 5.5 grams.
On the mold production
The mould be good is to use the computer.After installed mould, need to machine to heat up, a nine mould machine yield about 15000 every day.
The quality
Bracelet production come out to the quality control, basically see whether accord with product specifications, if there is any discrepancy, will all become invalid.
Each bracelet produced will have residual edge, after the quality inspection department inspection qualified, will be products to the process after trimming.Trimming average per person a day (about 3000).
Into springtime delights to check
After fixed edge, is the finished product.Also the finished product must be returned to quality inspection department check the trimming quality, whether there are unqualified products, such as there will be scrap processing.
The packaging
Fix the edge of the product after inspection, packaging according to customer requirements.Packaging can be divided into PP bag packing and naked outfit two independently.Is 100 a pack of both.Usually, 20 packets to a box (2000) for export teus.General packing according to customer’s request.
Check before sealing
Packaging is completed by the number of quality inspection department to check, if no problem, sealing and sent to the warehouse waiting for shipment.