How to know your silicone bracelet is good quality or not?

Silicone bracelet as a hot-selling product of wearable products, to sell by the vast number of consumers, the current market of silicone wearable bracelet has different styles and efficacy, for different consumers have different shapes and colors, of course, there are different silicone hand ring supplier output quality differences, and silicone hand ring deformation size problem becomes distressed, many consumers are puzzled is why the size of the deformation of the phenomenon of large products! Product deformation phenomenon is for thin silicone hand ring, this phenomenon depends on their own protection, although silica gel material is a soft product, and deformation of the product itself with the storage and use of a great relationship, especially long-term twists and turns, stretching will not play, placed in inferior environment and so on factors caused! Therefore, it is necessary to wear reasonable use when wearing! On the other hand, the most important thing is the quality problem of process and material, a lot of silicone products manufacturers to do the goods of different ways and processes, resulting in the overall brittleness of the product and tensile rebound strength have changed, so the premise is that with good material to make high-quality silicone hand ring, in the process need to cooperate with a reasonable curing time, Can not be driven by the capacity of the time to reduce the temperature increase, this often results in product deformation and weakness and so on. The main thing is the raw material on the raw materials to solve the tensile rebound can directly solve the various adverse phenomena, and the tensile strength of raw materials and rebound strength is two different performance, So the material must be stretched well and bounced back, and some of the material is just a good stretch but not rebound so the output of the product of the production of natural products will not be elastic deformation of the phenomenon, and rebound good products do not necessarily have a good pull strength, the use of the effect is not a good solution. A good silicone bracelet should be : (1) Silicone Gifts with silica gel is the characteristics of the material is 100% non-toxic, heat resistance, cold resistance, oxidation resistance, waterproof moisture resistance, not under pressure, corrosion resistance, scratch.(2) Product design unique, diverse styles, color and diverse;(3) Elegant and beautiful, soft and comfortable, can be placed at will, the regular period of sexual contact with the body;(4) Good elasticity, high tearing strength, good flatness, high temperature resistance;(5) Special self-adhesive smooth surface, good non-slip stability, bright color, extremely rich decorative;(6) Environmental protection non-toxic, wear-resistant and slippery, anti-aging, corrosion-proof, durable. (7) Health and environmental protection, no smell, shockproof, mildew, sunscreen;Silicone bracelet is now widely used in exhibitions, shopping malls and various markets, as the carrier of advertising, is a very good publicity media. “Small Gift” is like an activity of advertising, is an indispensable part of corporate image promotion, but also an important part of the continuous transfer enterprise. A beautifully designed, creative, excellent production of small gifts, can give you a lot of publicity to add color.