How to customize a fine rubber bracelet you want

As time goes on,the rubber bracelet jion to our life gradually,a lot of people like to wear it,this is a trend.However many people don’t know how to customize a fine rubber bracelet they want on the website.Now we are honored to introduce you the detailed steps to order the silicone wristband .


If you want to order the silicone bracelet you want ,the first step is choose the band style ,about it we have debossed ,embossed,colorfilled,printed and so on .Different styles of silicone bracelet have different requirements for logo, and the effects of different styles of silicone bracelet are different.For example ,if you order the embossed or debossed wristband ,the thickness of the line must be 0.3mm at least,otherwise it can’t make the mold out.Of course if you make the logo printed ,the requirements for the logo lines are not so high ,just need the logo lines have 0.1 mm is enough.After talking about the requirements of the style to logo, let’s talk about the difference in the effect of the different styles of the silicone band .Make the logo printed can let it have several colors but because logo is placed on the surface of the silicone wristband, due to the constant friction of logo, there will be varying degrees of wear and tear.If you want logo to never disappear ,you can choose debossed or embossed,however this product process can only let the logo have the same color as the band .Each style has its own advantages and disadvantages


After choosing the style of rubber bracelet ,the next step is selecting the band size you want .About the band size ,for the band length we have 202mm (8inches) ,180mm (7inches) and 150mm (6inches) ;For the band width we have 6mm (1/4 inch),12mm (1/2inch),19mm (3/4inch) and 25mm (1inch);And for the band thickness we have 2mm.To make a long story short,we have many sizes for you fo choose,even if you don’t find the size you need ,you also can customize the size you want .


The last step is choose the band color,you have several options,such as solid,segmented,swirled and glowing.Each can give you a bright feeling in front of your eyes,especially the glowing silicone wristband.The glowing wristband is add noctilucent powder to silica gel ,is the noctilucent powder let the silicone band can shine in the dark.However some guests told us their glowing wristband can’t shine in the dark .Don’t worry ,two conditions are required to let the glowing wristband light,the one is let the silicone bracelet absorbing ebough light ,the other one is put the silicone band in the dark.Only to meet these two conditions can you see the luminous effect of the rubber bracelet.And if you want to customize glowing wristband ,the band color just can be light color,such as 801 C,802 C, 803 C .etc .Otherwise the light can’t appeat out.About the glowing color ,we also have several to choose ,green ,blue ,red .etc .Each glowing color have different effect,the effect of green glowing color is the best,the next is blue glowing color then is the red glowing color.


Is it unimaginable?Whether you think it is so easy?Yes,it’s so simple to customize the rubber bracelet,do not go out of the door and get the band you want.