How much do you know about us

Usually if we want to buy something,we will go to the physical store to pick up the items we want directly .But if we need to buy a lot of the same kind of goods or order some goods at an online store,we need to know about the companies that sell the products,in case we buy products of unqualified quality.Since the silicone wristband was born in USA 2005 ,it become more and more popular ,many people choose the silicone wristband as ornaments instead of the gold and silver ornaments .If you want to order silicone wristband from us ,you will definitely want to have an understanding of our company.Don’t worry ,I will introduce our company to you next.

We have a professional design team.If you place an order on our website at the work time ,we will make a proof for you according to your requirements and send the digital proof to you via email immediately .We will start the mass production as long as you confirm the digital proof.If the digital proof is not ok for you ,you can contact us via email ,chat online or telephone when you feel free,we will change the proof for you until you confirm it .

We have a professional production team.When the order begins to produce,our production team will strictly control the whole production process.We will use the pure silica gel material to produce the silicone hand ring ,it is envionmental friendly and nontoxic side effects.About the silicone wrist band color,we will compare it with the pantone card to ensure that the color of the pantone card and color of the bracelet are identical.Then we will produce the silicone wrist band with machine ,in this process,if we find out the unqualified products we will we’ll get rid of it.When the product is finished ,we will wash the silicone wrist band and pack it .The reason why we want to clean the goods before packing is the bracelet will be soiled during production.

We can provide you with all kinds of silicone wristband.There are many styles of silicone hand ring ,such as printed silicone wristband ,debossed silicone wristband,embossed printed silicone wristband ,debossed colorfilled wristband and so on.Different style of the silicone wrist band will show different effect to us .For example the debossed colorfilled silicone hand ring can let the logo and message have different color from the silicone hand ring ;Printed silicone hand ring can let the logo and message have there own original color.

We will provide you with excellent pre-sale and after sales service.Before ship the silicone hand ring out ,if you have any question about your order you can contact us ,we’ll all try to solve it for you.After ship the silicone hand ring out,if you receive the silicone wristband and find it is not ok or the inhand date was delayed ,you can also contact us ,we will refund the money to you .

This is our company,do you have some understanding of us?