Does silicone product smell toxic?

From the point of view of raw materials, silica gel is a natural green environmental protection material. silica gel raw materials for different purposes can pass relevant testing standards, such as pacifiers, can pass food-grade silica gel testing, and silica gel medical accessories can pass medical testing. if you do not believe the testing report, then the western countries’ love for this product is the best proof. In particular, silicone cookware, what silicone cake molds, silicone spoons are all over every corner of life, and some silicone omelets and the like are all made of food-grade silicone at high temperature.
For silica gel products, the taste is not a harmful substance, nor is it harmful to human body. the formation of silica gel products mainly depends on this to catalyze the formation. However, food-grade silica gel products such as silicone bibs produced by our silica gel manufacturers in Shenzhen do not have this kind of taste. we choose Dow corning silica gel and the catalyst uses tasteless raw materials, so the products made will not have any taste.
If you encounter silica gel products with such a taste, please put the products in a ventilated place to cool for a while, and the taste will completely disperse. the batch of silica gel products will produce such a taste when they are gathered together.
About silicon rubber products factory
” provide reliable high-quality green environmental protection products to consumers. ” is our silica gel factory has always been adhering to the production philosophy. The company adopts an advanced and scientific ERP management system, has good cooperative relations with relevant organizations, laboratories, professional testing companies and well-known listed enterprises, and has established its own quality inspection system.
Regarding silicone rubber products
The production of silicone rubber products is a complicated process. apart from machine and human factors, intermediate inspection is the key to find and solve major product quality problems. Therefore, maintaining the normal operation of the machine, keeping the mold in good working condition, and strengthening the operation skills and quality awareness training of the operators and quality control personnel are the keys to reduce the poor production and the benefits of the enterprise.