Detailed explanation of the size of the silicone wristband

Many guests who ordered the silicone band first time would want to have a detailed understanding of it in advance ,now we will make a detailed explanation of the size of the silicone bracelet for you.

What kind of size do the silicone band have?There are three parts for you to answer this question.First,about the band length ,we have three common size to choose.Adult size ( 8 inch : 202 mm ),it is suitable for adults to wear ;Youth size ( 7 inch : 180 mm ),it is suitable for teenagers to wear ;Toddler size ( 6 inch : 150 mm ),it is suitable for children to wear ,different length suitable for people of different ages.Then ,about the band width ,there are four general sizes for you to choose.1/4 inch ( 6 mm );1/2 inch ( 12 mm );3/4 inch ( 19 mm );1 inch ( 25 mm ).You can choose the size you need according to your preference.Third ,about the band thickness,the usual thickness of the silicone band is 2mm,sure , if you need the band with 1mm thickness or 2.5 mm thickness ,we can all customize it for you .Different thickness of silicone wristband have different texture.

How to choose the right band size?On the selection of the size of the silicone wristband ,you can choose the correct size you want according to two methods.The one method is according to the wearer age,people of different ages have their corresponding size.However use this method to select the size of a silicone bracelet has a certain error, because the wrists size of the people of the same age group are not the same,but this has little effect on the choice of the size of the silicone bracelet .The another method is you can use tape to measure the size of the wearer’s wrist,you can more accurately know what size of wristband do you need to customize ,a correct size of the silicone band will make the wearer feel more comfortable .

Is it possible to customize the special size of the silicone band?The answer is yes.If our existing size is too large or too small, you can also customize the size you want.In this case we can only trade under the line ,you can contact us to get a quotation and digital peoof via email ,telephone and chat online ,we will start the mass production after you confirm the proof.

Is the production time of the silicone band of different sizes the same? The production time of the silicone band is depends on the band width .The greater the width of the bracelet the production time is relatively long.For example, the production time of 500pcs 1/2 inch width silicone band is about half the production time of 500pcs 1 inch width silicone band.Same band style , same quantity ,the width of the silicone bracelet is small and the production time is shorter.

People of different ages are suitable for wearing different sizes of silicone band´╝îcome to us you can customize any size silicone wristband you want,our aim is let the customer satisfied to come and satisfied to back.